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Standard Home Care Surfaces and Mattresses

Part III Foam and Non-Standard surfaces look into the various standard foam options on the market that are suitable for home care as well as for hospital use. Please note all pricing for items listed in this or any info series are strictly based on suggested retail pricing from the manufacturer and should only be used as an estimate for comparison. Any products listed within this or any info series are strictly for comparison purposes and should not be taken as a recommendation over any other available product. Table of Contents Section 1) Standard foam (low to high-risk options) Section 2) Non-Standard clinical grade options General FAQs: Standard foam mattresses typically have 1 to 3 layers, although some have more. The purpose of this is have a softer top layer such as memory or Visco foam for comfort and a denser foam for support underneath and better immersion. Typically foam mattresses are suitable for prevention and treatment of stages 1-2 skin ulcers, however there are options for up to stage 4 that usually include a combination of foam and either gel or oh Roho inserts. Prices vary considerably and are very dependent on the quality and thickness of the foam. Gel infused foam like memory/Visco and GelFlex tend to be more expensive. Usually manufactures will make sections on the top layer that have specialty foam for area’s that are more prone to skin breakdown such as the heels. Other key area’s that affect the overall quality and price are the covers – material is a key component and can provide additional protection. Standard Foam Surfaces

Low to Moderate Risk

Drive Medical – Gravity 7 · 3 layers of latex free foam and a Visco foam heel section · 6” total thickness · High density foam on perimeters to assist with safe transfers · Weight capacity of 350 lbs. · 7-year warranty on foam, 1 year on cover · MSRP $450 Blake Medical Infusion · Dual density foam base with a 2” gel infused foam topper · 6” total thickness · Dense foam border to assist with safe transfer · 300Lb – 500Lb weight capacity (Bariatric and custom sizing available) · 2-year warranty on foam, 1 year on cover · MSRP for standard size: $750

Moderate to high risk

Permobil – Allay · Dual density foam with gel infused topper (GelFlex Foam) · 7” total thickness · Low friction material separates two layers of alternative foam (absorbs and dissipates shear forces) · 350Lb weight capacity · 2-year warranty on foam and cover · MSRP $1240 Invacare Solace 3080 · Soft head and heel sections · 6” total thickness · Built-in side supports · Weight capacity of 350LBs · 5-year warranty on Mattress, 1 year on Cover · MSRP $475

Non-Standard and Clinical grade Surfaces

Provides prevention and therapeutic coverage for all pressure injuries including deep tissue.

· Four sections of the mattress overlay are independently adjusted, providing a low-pressure environment over the entire contact area.

· Individual sections can be used in conjunction with any foam/gel sections

· Cell height is 3.25”

· No weight limit

· MSRP per section $1100 (19” x 30” wide)

· Unique construction with three different gel zones for maximum pressure redistribution and shear relief for bony prominences

· Colum design ensures optimal weight distribution

· Foam perimeter border to help with transfers and ADL’s.

· Dual density polyurethane foam base, 5 lb. memory foam core, firm foam perimeter border, and Blue Mattress gel in the head and coccyx. Pillow Top gel in the heel section, with two layers of purple gel on the inside in the coccyx area

· 4 way stretch, antimicrobial, fluid proof, wipeable cover with nylon quilting layer

· Multiple sizes from 36” x 80” – 60” x 80”

· Warranty of 2 years on foam, 1 year on cover

· MSRP for 36” x 80” - $5,500

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